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Andrew Fontaine <>

This is it! My new home on the internet!

I was tempted to find a spectacular “UNDER CONSTRUCTION” banner to put up, but one of the ideas is that this place will always be “under construction”.

My old blog will remain up, and I’m sure I’ll eventually add something there to direct people here, but right now I am more excited about making sure this works before I direct them to an empty site.

What’s different?

I have big-ish plans for this blog, which meant building out something custom. I was heavily inspired by and the GoBlog by Jan-Lukas Else to create an actual little “home on the internet”. Right now it is only blog posts, but there will eventually be posts from my ActivityPub instance, as well as maybe some sort of WebMention or Gemini support.

The biggest difference, though, is the way in which I write posts. This was heavily inspired by and SourceHut, which is to say, this is both a blog and a newsletter. Using the power of webhooks, emails sent to ~afontaine/ (by me) are posted here, which means that if you are so very keen on it, you can subscribe to it and get me delivered straight into your inbox, which sounds kind of ridiculous, who wants that?

A more interested benefit of the list-based system, though, is that there is another list (mentioned below) that you can post to as a form of discussion! Eventually, I want to embed those posts and replies below in the form of comments, but this is very much the MVP for me to email my thoughts into the internet.

I want to talk more about things, but for now, this is enough. If you’re interested in the project, you can find it on sourcehut, though poorly documented. I’ll accept contributions and patches as well, but you’ll need to set up git sendemail to get started. It, surprisingly, isn’t that hard, but still a minor annoyance.

Let me know what you think!

Want to discuss this post?

Reach out via email to ~afontaine/, and be sure to follow the mailing list etiquette.

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