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Life Updates, aka Where are all the posts?

Andrew Fontaine <andrew@afontaine.ca>

I've decided to try using notmuch for my email instead of mu.

This is mostly due to the tagging nature (instead of folders), as well as the built-in hooks that run pre- and post- indexing. It makes setting up certain behaviours, along with afew, much easier than in GMail's filters.

I've also moved to using lieer to sync the GMail inbox, as it hopefully gets along nicer with large GMail inboxs, which is the case when you're accepting the flood of emails from watching the GitLab project. The initial sync is going very slowly though. lieer syncs GMail's labels with notmuch's tags, and so syncing, tagging, and syncing 1.1 million emails can take some time. I guess that's another reason to start using notmuch: it was easy to set up hooks to delete threads of issues and merge requests that are either closed or merged, so hopefully that number drops quickly. I should modify my current hook to preserve threads that I was involved in...

The main reason for the lack of posts is that its been a busy year. My travels are as follows:

  1. Hawaii, for a wedding
  2. Montreal, for fun
  3. Whitby, for a wedding
  4. Portugal, for fun
  5. Niagara-on-the-lake, for a wedding
  6. North Carolina, for a wedding
  7. Sarnia, for a wedding

Not all of these were long trips, and the longest was Portugal at 10 days, but boy does it feel like a lot!

I've also bought a house this year. Maybe not the most perfect time to buy, but we had the money and actually found a wonderful place in Toronto. It's a completely different neighbourhood than we previously lived in, but it's extremely walkable, bikeable, and right off the subway. I can easily continue my car-free life.

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